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Kandi SPIDER 200cc


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SPIDER 200cc


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6 month warranty on internal engine parts
oil cooler

The 200A Go-Kart comes with a larger 4 stroke 200cc engine. It has an automatic transmission w/ reverse, rear disk brakes, safety belts & more.

200cc, Large size, With CVT Transmission+reverse; Air cooled, Automatic Clutch, Electric Start, Chain-drive, Front and rear disc brake, Hand and foot brake, Front Double a arm, Rear single a-arm,

This 200cc Go Kart is a top quality go kart . It's a two-seat model with 200cc displacement engine. The dimensions of the go kart are 96.5 inches by 59.4 inches by 62.2 inches.


The Engine

This 200cc engine is a single cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled model. The gasoline required is unleaded number 90 or higher, and the capacity of the gas tank is 1.6 gallons. Other important specifications related to the go kart's power are its battery size of 12 volts, its maximum torque of 6.6 pounds, it has a CDI ignition, electric starter, and a easy to use automatic CVT transmission with reverse.

Top Performance

Here are some important specifications related to the performance of the this 200cc. The maximum speed of the model is up to 40 miles-per-hour.* The rated power HP of this model is 11 h.p.

The this 200 Go-Kart is equipped with a powerful 4 stroke 200cc engine. It has an automatic transmission w/ reverse, rear hydraulic disc brakes, safety harness & more.

GK-200A (Spider) Specifications

Engine Type: Single Cylinder, 4 Strokes,

Air Cooled, Automatic with Reverse

Displacement: 200cc

Drive: Chain

Rated Power (kw/rpm): 6.5/750

Gas Tank Capacity: 1.6 Gallon

Tire Specifications (F/R): 21*7-10, 22*11-10

Available Colors: Red, Black, Bl


Max Speed: 40+ mph

Keyed Ignition: Yes

Starter System: Electrical

Engine Size: 200cc

Engine Type: 4 Stroke

Cooling: Air

Transmission: Automatic w/ Reverse

Drive Train: Chain Driven

Braking System: Front & Rear Disc

Front Suspension: Dual Swing-Arm

Rear Suspension: Swing-Arm

Front Tires Size: 22 x 7 - 10

Rear Tires Size: 22 x 11 - 10

Seats: 2

Safety Belts: Safety Harness

Tank Size: 6 Liter

Net Weight: 580 lbs

Size: 97 x 59 x 62 Inches

Ground Clearance: 5.5 Inches

Wheelbase: 75 Inches

200cc Air Cooled 4 Stroke Engine

Automatic with Reverse

Electric Start